1. MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES shall accept products returned by its customers, if the return reason respects the return policy conditions contained here in.

  2. Return conditions: In general, if the original product packaging remains unopened/sealed, customers are allowed to decline products for qualified reasons. This may include change of mind, lack of money, damaged packaging etc. MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES is obligated to accept return of product in its original packaging, on the following cases:

    • Faulty Goods: - Defined as either manufacturing defects, (i.e. not working from the onset), damaged or missing parts - As reported by the Customers at the point of receiving. In such cases, customers are entitled to replacement or refund at seller's expense.
    • Is the wrong Product - is different from the product described on the website/listed on the order - does not fit/match the customer's car

    Various types of returns;

    • Unopened returns - For items in whose categories MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES offers a return policy and for items with visible damages
    • Opened returns - for manufacturing defects, incorrect product and for categories where MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES offers an opened returns policy
    • Failed deliveries - these are cases where our delivery associates are not able to meet the customer, the customer does not pick up his ordered item or otherwise the product's original packaging remains closed/sealed. The transaction was not completed.
    • Rejections - these are cases where our delivery associates meet the customer or the customer picks up his ordered item, but rejects it on the spot, in the presence of our delivery staff. In such cases the product has been examined by the customer, where applicable the seal has not been broken, nor has the product been used and therefore the transaction was not completed.
    • Returns - these are cases where the delivery and transaction are completed successfully but the customer requests a return within 3 days from the delivery date.

    For Customer Convenience, MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES commit to accept the product returned by the Customer if:

    • The Customer ask to have his/her product returned to the seller while receiving the products
    • The product sent back is still in its original packaging
    • The product has not been used and is in good condition, unless reported defective or damaged
    • There is no part of the product missing, unless reported to have missing parts
    • For items with seals, the security seal has not been broken, unless defective or damaged or missing parts or wrong item
    • The customer has conserved and sent back the invoice of the product and the free packaging complete with free gifts and accessories where applicable.

  3. Returns process and split of responsibility: Returned products may undergo Quality Control essessment in the warehouse of MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES in order to determine who is responsible for the return of the product.

    If MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES is responsible for the default of the product, MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES will reimburse the Customer or will replace the product within 7 days.

    If the quality control shows that the Customer is responsible for the default of the product, the product is sent back to the Customer and there is no reimbursement.

  4. The return timelines are as detailed in the Guidelines.

  5. Responsibility of the Quality Control: Once the product is returned, MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES has the responsibility of performing a quality control check by their quality and technical experts, with customers interest at heart. The report by the experts shall be considered as the only valid control.
  6. Disagreement over the quality control: In case of disagreement over the quality control, the customer has to open a dispute procedure. He or she has to provide MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES within 3 business days with the proofs that the product was faulty, defective or damaged at the time of receiving.
  7. Reimbursement of products returned back: If at the end of the return process, MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES considers that the customer has to be reimbursed; MY-GARAGE AUTO SPARES reimburses the customer the total amount spent by the customer or the value of the product.
  8. Non- Reimbursement: If the customer is liable of the damages or defect of the products after receiving the products, reimbursement will not apply and the customer will bear the liability.

NB: Customers are advised to provide correct details of their car/specification for their needs. Goods imported from oversees do not qualify for return.

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